Wollongong DCP — Land use controls, childcare centres

Like the Lake Macquarie LGA, Wollongong Council are exceeding their constituents’ expectations by progressively and pro-actively enacting legislation to prohibit the erecting of petrol stations next to child care centres.

Note especially 7.2.2 Development Controls:

  1. Child care centres will not be supported upon a site within a 90 metre straight line distance from any designated road (arterial or sub-arterial road), given relatively high traffic flow volumes associated with such roads and potential adverse air pollution and / or noise emission impacts upon young children.
  2. Any new child care centre will not be permitted within a 500 metre radius from any service station.

As Lake Macquarie and Woolongong LGAs show, the needs and expectations of the community need to be paramount.

We call on Coffs Harbour City Council to enact similar legislation to protect the welfare and health of our children.

Download “Wollongong CDP Landuse Controls: Childcare Centres” Wollongong-DCP-2009-Chapter-C5-Child-Care-Centres.pdf – Downloaded 197 times – 377 KB

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