Request for extensions for submissions opposing DA 0824/16DA

Attn: Gary Cheney
Coffs Harbour City Council
ref: DA ref 0824/16DA at 2B and 4 Moonee Beach Road, Moonee Beach, NSW 2450

Dear Mr Cheney,

Last Sunday, 12 June, a group of Moonee Beach residents met at the Moonee Beach Reserve to discuss the aforementioned DA proposal.

As a result of that meeting, it was obvious that very few residents knew of the proposal. This was primarily because:

1. No one had noticed the DA notice/signage. While I understand that Council met it obligations, the notice was sited some 15-odd metres from the roadside and, as only A4 in size, was easily overlooked, and was, in fact, overlooked, by a significant number of residents.

2. The DA notice/signage was, as of last Sunday, no longer there, adding to community confusion.

3. Council’s DA Tracker service was unavailable for all of the weekend 4–5 June, 2016 and several days around those dates. Given that the weekend is the only available time for many people to research and prepare submissions, that fact that a primary information conduit for this development application was not available constitutes an unfair imposition on many residents.

4. The Application was advertised only in the Woolgoolga Advertiser, a newspaper whose circulation does not reach Moonee Beach.

As a result, on behalf of the concerned residents of Moonee Beach and as a spokesperson for the Moonee Beach Action Group, I request that the deadline for submissions be extended for two weeks, till 15 July, 2016.

I appreciate your prompt reply to this request.

The above email was sent 14 June, 2016 to Gary Cheney and cc’d to all Coffs Harbour City Council councillors.

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