Macquarie Lake LGA — Childcare Centre regulations

Some — actually, quite a lot — of NSW councils are taking the lead and enacting strict guidelines regarding the building of childcare centres and their location vis-à-vis neighbouring developments, such as petrol stations.

Note the Objectives:

a. To ensure that child care centres are highly accessible and are safe to access.

b. To ensure that child care centres are not positioned near land uses that may be harmful to staff, parents or children.

c. To ensure that child care centres are designed appropriately to provide a high quality environment for children in terms of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

And that:

2. Child care centres should not be located:

i. Adjacent to SEPP 33 developments such as petrol stations.

Would it that our own Council take a similar progressive, pro-active approach.

Download “Lake Macquarie LGA Childcare Centre Guidelines” Lake Macquarie Child Care Centres.pdf – Downloaded 216 times – 248 KB

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