Coffs Harbour Community Vision 2030

This is the Community Vision 2030 document published by the Coffs Harbour City Council. It was developed through community consultation (see the background paper here). Here’s some key findings.

The resulting vision statement: Our Vision:

  • Coffs Harbour is a model of sustainable living.
  • We value, respect and protect our natural environment and acknowledge that it sustains us and future generations.
  • We work together to live sustainably.
  • We have respect for, and learn from, our diverse communities of many ages and cultures.
  • We are healthy, caring and actively engaged in our communities.
  • We move around safely, easily and sustainably.
  • Our economy is strong and diverse and our businesses are leaders in innovation and sustainability.
  • We value all people and use the goodwill in our community to build a better future for our children.
  • We think globally and act locally.

Key desired outcomes from Places For Living:

  • Development is sustainable, accessible and people-friendly.
  • We use innovative planning to protect our natural environment.
  • Our coastal development is low-rise, balanced and sensitive.
  • We have safe and interactive play facilities for our children within each community.
  • We have facilities and spaces for our youth, elderly and disadvantaged where they can meet and have fun.
  • Our open spaces and parks are protected, improved and expanded.
  • Our rural villages are revitalised while maintaining their unique rural identity. Each has the facilities needed to help maintain the strength of the local community.

Key desired outcomes from Moving Around:

  • Large trucks no longer pass through our communities; this has made our local roads safer and helped to reconnect us.
  • Our people are valued over cars in all our developments and urban centres.

Key desired outcomes from Looking After Our Community:

  • Our communities are safe, caring and inclusive
  • We value our children and young people and offer them all the facilities and services they need in order to achieve their full potential.

Key desired outcomes from Looking After the Environment:

  • Our forests, beaches, headlands, forested mountain backdrop, plants and animals are preserved for future generations.
  • We manage our catchments holistically to maintain healthy and resilient ecosystems including our land, our air and our water.
  • We strive to minimise our environmental footprint through our everyday actions.
  • We use our land in a long-term, sustainable way and implement best practice in reducing development impacts on our environment.

The future starts now.

The Council has openly called on communities to “help them” implement the Community Vision. From the Coffs Harbour Community Vision 2030:

If you or your organisation, community group or committee want to help to deliver the vision then consider ideas and projects you could undertake to achieve our community’s aspirations. Talk to your local Councillor about the Coffs Harbour Community Vision and activities happening in your area.

Go get ’em!

Download “Coffs Harbour 2030 Community Vision” Coffs_Harbour_2030_Community_Vision.pdf – Downloaded 201 times – 1 MB

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