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Toormina kids at risk from petrol station fumes (reproduced)

This article is a media release from the Total Environment Centre.

“The recent development consent for a petrol station to be built metres from a pre-school in Toormina flies in the face of common sense and ignores a recommendation from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for an air quality assessment to be undertaken.” Ms Immig, Chemicals Campaigner, Total Environment Centre (TEC) said today.

“Placing a petrol station next door to a kindergarten is extremely worrying because, in our view, it’s very likely that increases in dangerous air pollutants such as benzene and lead will place the children’s health at significant risk,” Ms Immig said.

“A report released by the EPA last week on air toxics indicates that there is no safe level for benzene, which is a recognised cancer causing agent.”

“The local community, who oppose the development, rightly believe their concerns have not been adequately addressed and are currently seeking legal advice about health and safety issues. Obviously, the EPA are also concerned about the health impacts or they wouldn’t have recommended an air quality assessment to be carried out,” said Ms Immig.

“We have advised Toormina Pre-school to monitor air toxics and if the development proceeds and the petrol station is built that they continue to monitor air toxics. Any increases in levels of pollutants will give them grounds on which to proceed legally,” said Ms Immig.

“Conflicting information is being provided about the actual distance the petrol station will be from the kindergarten and it’s high time that the local council and developers heed the advice of the EPA and carry out an air quality assessment before finalising location.”

“The development has become so controversial that the developers would be well advised to consider a less hazardous location for their petrol station,” Ms Immig concluded.

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