Moonee Beach Action Group is a community-based forum for residents (and friends) of Moonee Beach to have their say in the future of their village.

This site helps give voice to community concerns, to record residents’ opinions, and to inform residents (and friends) of developments and proposals that may affect their quality of life.

At its heart is the community of Moonee Beach, a small, coastal village on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, between Coffs Harbour and Woolgoolga. It is bounded on its eastern edge by the Moonee Creek Estuary (also known as Stingray Creek), the Pacific Ocean and the Moonee Beach Nature Reserve, and on its western boundary by the Great Dividing Range, the third-longest continuous mountain range in the world. There’s about two kilometres of level land between these two natural boundaries in which 700-odd people have decided to set up home.

The residents are a mix of generational locals who have lived here for 60-plus years (as do their children and grandchildren), and new locals who have moved here to raise their own family, or to retire, or to simply enjoy a beautiful and friendly place to live.

It is one of the few places in Australia where the Great Dividing Range comes within earshot of the Pacific Ocean. Because of these natural boundaries, development opportunities have historically been few and this has helped the area maintain its village atmosphere and sense of community.

Naturally, residents think these qualities worth preserving.