7 Good Reasons

Don’t forget: community meeting this morning (Sunday, 12 June 11am) at Moonee Beach Reserve. If you’re thinking, “Meh…”, here’s some reasons to attend:

  1. A show of hands is better than a show of Facebook “Likes”, and a show of heads is better than a show of hands. Meet with other concerned community members so we can discuss specific concerns and gauge the depth of feeling around this issue.
  2. Coordination and consolidation of activity. Discuss what other people are doing so the community has a unified approach to their protest. There’s no point starting an anti-development petition if there’s already one circulating (and there is: hopefully Richard will be there so your signature can be added to his petition).
  3. Swap ideas. If you’re struggling with your objection to Council regarding this development application, chat with others who can give you some tips or direction.
  4. And vice versa: if you’ve submitted your objection, lend a hand to others in the community who may not be so comfortable with this process.
  5. Share knowledge. The paperwork for this development application runs to hundreds and hundreds of pages; supporting documentation and reference material runs to hundreds and hundreds more. Developers pay professionals tens of thousands of dollars to prepare these documents; to oppose it, we have a small, pissed off community with limited time to sift through it all. If you have industry or professional knowledge or skills that might help, let’s hear it.
  6. Discuss strategy and involvement. Submissions to Council are the obvious (and necessary) first step, but what else draws attention to these concerns? Posters? T-shirts? Stickers? Signals of solidarity.
  7. Protests need bodies. A Facebook “Like” is encouraging, but it’s not really a protest. Nothing really sends a message like a coordinated, united group of pissed off people.

Bonus 8th point:

8. A number of people have already signalled their willingness to volunteer their time and skills — you’ll spot them because they’re the ones who look smart, influential and desirable. And we can all do with a little more of that, right.


There’s no specific agenda to today’s meeting: it’s more an opportunity to chat with each other, put names to faces, and count bodies. This current initiative — this website, the Facebook page, the letterdrop — has been put together in less than seven days in an effort to coordinate and channel community sentiment. A goodly show of people would be a satisfying reward and a show that these efforts are supported.

If you’d like to be more actively involved, please give it some thought. We could really use a hand running the website, the Facebook page and other protest activities. Are you a born leader? We could do with one of those, too.

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