10 facts to chew over with brekkie this morning (hope you’re not eating fast food)

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  • A recent Hong Kong study shows that a fast-food restaurant making just 4 hamburgers emits the same amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as driving a car for 1,000 miles! Yikes.
  • The Great Pacific Garbage patch is a 3.5 million ton floating island of garbage the size of Texas between Hawaii and California. 49% of it is litter from fast food outlets.
  • The fries of one certain fast food chain are so loaded with preservatives that they can last, unrefrigerated, for three years without bacterial or mould growth.
  • If you’re squeamish, skip this one. The average fast food consumer ingests 12 pubic hairs per year.
  • To keep salads looking fresh, most fast food chains coat them with propylene glycol, an ingredient also found in anti-freeze.
  • Milkshakes and thickshakes from fast food outlets contain more chemicals than most fertilisers.
  • Another one to skip if you’re squeamish: at least 50% of fast food drink dispensers have faecal matter on them.
  • Almost half of all fast-food outlets audited by Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman are underpaying their staff, and the overwhelming majority violate other payroll obligations.
  • Fast food “eggs” contain dimethylpolysiloxane (also found in Silly Putty) and calcium silicate, a roof and concrete sealant.
  • A McDonald’s employee once left a bag of 100 frozen chicken nuggets on the bench; rather than defrosting into morsels of chicken meat, they melted into glutinous liquid.


Moonee’s not lovin’ it.


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